Benchmarking BRGM’s EFISPEC3D earthquake simulation application on AWS

Livre blanc – IBM Spectrum Symphony : orchestrateur dédié aux applications hybrides multi-cloud HTC

Meetup Paris Computational Biology du 10 décembre 2019

Livre Blanc – Histopathologie Numérique, espoir pour la recherche médicale

Porting a seismic wave simulator on Graphic Processing Units, what for?

Introduction to Google’s Tensor Processing Units

CPPP 2019 : Our trip report of the first edition!

Graphic Processing Unit porting for HPC applications

Aristote Workshop: towards Exascale !

Pricing American options on a NEC SX Aurora card

Because batch processing is quite awesome.

High Performance Computing : time to go faster?

High Performance Computing (HPC), the oldest loophole in IT.

Cloud computing, an accelerator for digital transformation?

Big data in real-time : enter the new era.

High Performance CPUs : running some tests on IBM Power 9

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