Can we get some light in here?

Dark Data is a type of Data that has not been processed, or analysed. In another words, organizations collect, save and store  a large volume of data. When those Data are not used, or processed for any purpose, we call them Dark or Dusty Data. 

Just like dark matter in the universe, a vast proportion of Data saved and stored today are actually Dark dataWe are sitting on a goldmine and we don’t even know it!

Some examples of dark data include server log files that can give clues to website visitor behavior, customer call detail records that can indicate consumer sentiment and mobile geolocalisation data that can help in business planning.

With the growing volume of data, Dark data should get an even bigger proportion in Big Data, even though they offer huge business opportunities : reducing internal costs, increasing customer insights, decreasing cybersecurities related risks.

It’s time to turn the light on!

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