Méditerranée infection

Antibiograms automatic analysis for identification of bacteria strains

Mediterranée infection


• This research laboratory in virology and infectious diseases is the world leader on the study of virus and bacterias.
• It receives hundreds of thousands of analysis performed on patients in a large number of hospitals in the PACA region in France.
• These analysis require a manual processing involving a visual interpretation, which is costly, slow and subject to human error.


• Automatize at least 95% of the images analysis through an automatic image processing system
• Reduce costs and processing time
• Focus the laboratory staff on border-line cases and more valuable tasks


• The antibiogram images result from placing antibiotics disks on a bacteria strain culture in a Petri box
– A lot of images present imperfections (spill, blurry areas)
– The antibiotics used are recognized by OCR
• Machine learning system that has recently been patented
– 98% of the phenotypes recognized
– Continuous improvement by reinjecting the disambiguation input from the laboratory staff

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