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Wilfried Kirshenmann


After a PhD at EDF focusing on methods that allow a unique code to have optimal performance on different hardware architectures, Wilfried joined the consulting firm ANEO. He is interested in improving the performance of the compute chains, from the data preparation to the processing of the results. His solutions relies on both evolutions of architecture and application code as well as on hardware evolutions (accelerators, cloud, etc.). It is through these activities that Wilfried has been confronted with the problems of reproducibility of the results.

As Senior Technical and Scientific Leader for Advanced Computing Technologies, Wilfried is always determined to show a path avoiding tomorrow’s problem.

His current main research focuses are:

  • Round-off error propagation
  • HPC Runtime for elastic infrastructures
  • Approaches to achieve performance portability across different hardware

When he is not helping customer to find new solutions for their issues, you can often find Wilfried organizing oenology sessions or scuba diving.


Boris Demay

Data Scientist Leader

Séthy Montan

PhD - Leader Cloud Transformation

At first, he was just curious, he loved playing with numbers and solving some complex enigmas. And then he discovered computers, algorithms, programming and supercomputers. This is how he has set foot in the magic world of numerical simulation and innovation.

After three rewarding years spent at EDF Lab working on numerical validation of industrial simulations applications, he joined ANEO in the fall of 2013. During his first two years, he supported our clients on issues related to the performance of software which use large amounts of computation and/or data.

Convinced that technology is changing the world, he supports companies during their digital transformation journey. his ambition is to help them to leverage on new technologies such as Cloud Computing, HPC…

Key Words : IT | Cloud | HPC | Data analytics | IT Strategy | IT as a Service | Lean IT | Change Management | Agile | BizDevSecOps (DevOps) | Emerging technologies | High Tech | Startup | Afropreneur

Vivien Mille

Senior consultant HPC / C++

Vivien discovered HPC when integrating a team in charge of developing a new numeric simulation platform in Airbus Defense & Space. In Altran, he then created a team dedicated to commitment of results for non-IT clients. He participated to the whole process from calls for bids to after-sales guarantees. He was also in charge of technically training and driving the developer team.

Finally, he joined ANEO in May 2017 to provide technical expertise on a HPC financial application. A rewrite is currently in progress with maintainability and optimization objectives. Tests on other computing architectures than x86 are performed to evaluate performance gain and define long term roadmap for its customer.

Benjamin Garnier

Project manager

Constantinos Makassikis

Cloud Consultant

Constantinos joined Aldwin by ANEO in October 2013 after completing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Université Henri Poincaré on application fault tolerance in computer clusters. Ever since, he has been involved in various HPC-related projects. Most recent projects include the migration of on-premise financial and insurance HPC applications to the Azure cloud.

Damien Dubuc

HPC expert / Computer Vision

After a real-time and embedded systems engineering school, Damien joined the team in 2008 to work on performance issues at Peugeot Citroën. After one year working on embedded systems, it is quite naturally that he started training on GPU, Xeon Phi, FPGA, x86 computing challenges.

In 2010, he set up the first hybrid CPU/GPU application for a major French investment bank.

After having worked for several clients such as BNP Paribas, CACIB, SGCIB, Thales, Renault, PSA or Total, he has become a technical leader for the Advanced Computing Technologies group at Aldwin and specialized as Solution Architect for industrial computer vision processing.

Damien recently released HIPE (more info here). A framework designed to facilitate the development of complex algorithm while guaranteeing performance and reliability requirements expected by end users.

Daniel Vanzo


Daniel was introduced to HPC during an internship at ONERA (french aerospace lab).

He developed GPU optimized code for real-time adaptive optics intended for research on European large telescope projects.

He then worked on porting quantum circuit simulation code and combinatorics code to GPU at LRI (CNRS laboratory).

Daniel joined Aldwin late 2018 in the HPC team and started working for IDRIS (french supercomputer center) on porting and optimizing fluid mechanics simulation code and quantum chromodynamics code to GPU.

Firas Jarboui

Data Scientist

Florian Bitoo

HPC / Cloud consultant

Hadrien Rouchette

HPC Consultant

Hugo Dupeux

Data scientist

Nadine Ben Hamouda

GRID and CLOUD Consultant

Nadine discovered IT infrastructure and most notably open source software when integrating the Council of Europe team. She was in charge of Web kiosk creation project and automated installation. After discovering Openstack (OpenSource Cloud solution), she found a new vocation for Cloud solution and specialized herself in public cloud such as AWS (Amazon Web Service) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). 


She has since joined Aldwin by ANEO in July 2018 and has integrated the GRID team in Crédit agricole Corporate and Investment Bank. She helps financial application teams to migrate their huge calculation workload to the GAAS (Grid as a service) which is a mutualized and optimized grid computing. As part of the GAAS project, she is in charge of Symphony grid computing (IBM), Couchbase caching solution and ELK (Elasticsearch, logstach, kibana) log management. She is also part of the Cloud bursting project and she helps application teams migrate their workloads to Public Cloud. 

Salli Moustafa

PhD - Computer scientist - Senior consultant - HPC | HPDA

Eddy Namur

HPC / Cloud Consultant

Gilles Moreau

Gilles joined Aldwin in 2019 as a Cloud and HPC consultant to provide its expertise on HPC and complex systems.

He was awarded, in 2018, a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Lyon. As a former engineering student, he has a background in mathematics and physics that provides him the capability to understand complex industrial problems. He then focused on Computer Science and more specially on HPC systems.

His Ph.D dealt with the resolution of sparse linear systems of equation using sparse linear solver (such as MUMPS). To leverage the performance of target applications, he developed his understanding of large-scale infrastructures and parallel algorithms.

Lilia Ziane Khodja

Lilia joined Aldwin as a consultant in 2019 to help clients leverage parallel processing techniques to reliably and efficiently solve complex and advanced HPC problems.

Lilia holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Franche-Comté since 2013. She has worked on the parallel implementation of iterative methods to solve large linear and non-linear systems on GPU clusters. In 2014, she was a Postdoc at INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest to study the performances of HPC applications on the new parallel machines. In 2015 she was a research engineer at A&M laboratory (Belgium) to parallelize METAFOR simulator for solids submitted to large deformations. From 2016 to 2019, she also held the position of software developement engineer and designed and implemented C++ Data Quality solutions.

Lilia co-authored more than 10 publications on solving large sparse systems of equations on parallel architectures, including accelerators as GPUs.

Vincent Piumi

Vincent discovered HPC during his master’s degree at the University of Paris VI, where Aldwin consultants were giving lessons on this topic.

Now he is working with the HPC team as part of an internship for his final year. He is focusing on porting SeWaS (a task-based seismic wave propagation simulator developed by Aldwin) on top of the Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). To this end, he is building an Expression Template engine on top of Tensorflow’s C++ API, that will provide common numerical operations available in classical BLAS libraries.

Cyrille Cointe

Cyrille first HPC mission took place at HSBC. The purpose of this mission was to advise the company on how to modernize their HPC environments and resources utilization.
He ran performance and security tests on a whole cluster disposed in distinctive configurations in order to recommend a specific driving strategy, optimizing the performances and the usage of the whole cluster.

Being within Aldwin by ANEO a Cloud and DevOps architech, he is eager to work on the DevOps part of HPC. Cyrille is fond of automation, and always tries to eliminate as much manual tasks as possible, to seek efficiency and reliability.
His ultimate goal is to reach continuous testing, integration and infrastructure components deployment with a single click.

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