Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence just got smarter

Let’s forget about robots taking over humanity for a sec. Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword. Opportunities are endless and use cases are ready to be activated.

Our focus

We assist our clients with their artificial intelligence projects from conception to production and scalability, helping them overcome their challenges through :

  • Process Optimization :

    Specific behaviours recognition & detection; Automated data collection, reports & analysis; Delivering complex and personalized business information

  • Marketing Boost :

    Creating new/customized customer experience; Customer segmentation & targeting; Automated customers loyalty process & Product recommendation engine; Market intelligenc

At Aldwin, we teach machines to do a lot of things. Like reading (Natural Language or NLP/NLU), seeing (Image Processing, Convolutional Neural or Generative Adversarial Networks), and interpreting Business Data (Semi-structured and Unstructured data, or Time series). But first and foremost, we work at making Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science a set of tools accessible, efficient and appropriate to your business goals.

Want to talk with our Artificial intelligence expert ?
Boris Demay, Data Scienstist
Want to talk with our Artificial intelligence expert ?
Boris Demay
Artificial intelligence

In the Open.
Artificial Intelligence has changed tremendously. Only a few years back, businesses had to invest massively in R&D projects to create their own algorithms. Today, Artificial Intelligence brings out completely new challenges: technology is accelerating fast and providers are multiplying. From integration to production and scalability, addressing Artificial Intelligence challenges is more about providing new perspectives on existing technologies offered by the Open Source Community & Software Companies. Yes, AI is a lot about reviewing the ecosystem and the state of art.

Crystal clear.
The most capable technologies behind AI can be clear. Uncovering the decision-making process of deep neural networks is a fundamental step we must take. Our conviction is that Artificial Intelligence can no longer be a “black box”. The success of its development depends on our ability to make it explainable and robust from conception to production.

Human Intelligence.
Data Science has become a multidisciplinary field mixing up algorithms, architecture, big and fast computing issues, data storage, data repository and data management, For this exact reason, we have gathered a team of experienced Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Architects etc., a bunch of extremely bright people, always up to give you deeper insights on technology.

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