HPDA = HPC + Big Data

Sure Big Data is big but HPDA? That’s way bigger.

HPD…what? HPDA. That’s basically when you need to do complex work on top of your Big Data infrastructure and need HPC resources. In the past years, markets for data-intensive high-performance computing (HPC) and advanced commercial data analytics have been converging to form a fast-growing fusion market called high performance data analysis (HPDA). And guess what? HPDA applications are infinite. From climate prediction to biology or financial services, the data explosion fuels the growth of high-performance data analysis systems.

Our focus :

With our end-to-end expertise, we help our clients evaluate, design, implement, and enhance the performance of their HPDA applications:

  • Operational strategy : Architecture assessment, feasibility study, target operating model,
  • Solutions design, implementation and optimization for HPDA systems
  • Analytics: Graph analytics (modelling, visualization); Compute intensive analytics (innovative techniques to computationally intensive problems); Streaming analytics (algorithms to analyse high-bandwidth streaming data) or Exploratory data analysis.

We’ll be your trusting partner to build, experiment and industrialize with your HPDA applications and use cases in your line of business.


Want to talk with our Big data expert ?
Boris Demay, Data Scienstist
Want to talk with our Big data expert ?
Boris Demay
Big data

The best of us.
So, if you’ve read up to this page, you understand that HPDA brings the best out of Big Data and HPC. And you’re right. That’s exactly what Aldwin’s team does. We combine our 10 years HPC expertise (more info here) with our unique AI savoir faire (and here) to ensure that we’re providing you with something unique – helping you best solve your most complex challenges.

Let’s explore together.
We believe that HPDA applications are infinite. With data movement challenges, territories for HPDA are consistently multiplying. That’s why we want to be your trusted partner to build, experiment and work with your HPDA applications and use cases in your line of business. We’ll can even have a coffee together if you’re free.

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