Cloud Computing

Cloud : your business forecast is looking a lot clearer

Cloud computing is your best friend when it comes to accelerating innovation. Handling complex tasks like airplane design requires the use of numerical simulations instead of conducting experiments in real conditions. Cloud computing offers opportunities to explore new use cases you wouldn’t have dreamt of in a traditional budget environment. Basically, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Our focus

We help our client design, implement and optimize their Cloud Computing initiatives:

  • End-to-end expertise from strategic assessment to operating model.
  • Cloud native solutions design and implementation for compute and/or data intensive applications.
  • Agile software factory (native cloud architecture for SaaS applications, SaaS software implementation, integration and management)

At Aldwin, we help you find the best operating model (pure pay per use model, to the core per second basis) to leverage the wide opportunities offered by Cloud Computing in terms of innovation, performance and time to market. So don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

Want to talk with our Cloud expert ?
Sethy Montan - Expert Aldwin
Want to talk with our Cloud expert ?
Séthy Montan

The Pioneer of Cloud Computing.
We may have not walked on the moon (yet) but Aldwin (aka Aneo) has been at the forefront of the Cloud Computing space for HPC and Big Computer since 2011. Not just on paper but doing real projects with real results. Without the real big ego.

We’ve partnered with the largest solution providers (Azure, AWS, Google, OVH, Orange, Outscale, Alibaba etc.) to ensure we provide our customers an unbiased view of what the market can offer.

Free Spirits.
Sure we have connections but we also remain deeply independent. We’ve built a benchmark suite that replicates the HPC/HPDA workload to collect facts on what customers should expect from the Cloud Computing world scene. So you get maximum benefits from this paradigm shift. It’s all about you at the end of the day.

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