High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC) is making the impossible possible.

High Performance Computing (HPC) systems are used to design the cars we drive, to discover new life-saving medicines or to calculate financial risks. How? By solving advanced problems quickly and performing research activities through computer modeling, simulation and analysis.

Our focus

We operate on the entire HPC Software value chain from design to industrialization, development, optimization and production offering:

  • Design of new HPC applications from compiler to task runtime engine
  • Performance audit and code optimization
  • Code porting across system and platform optimization (x86/GPU/Aurora, …)

At Aldwin, our ambition is to help you to transform complex problems into business opportunities by delivering performance and speed in the HPC Software value chain. Because if you’re happy, we’re happy.

Want to talk with our High Performance Computing (HPC) expert ?
Wilfried Kirshenmann CTO ALDWIN
Want to talk with our High Performance Computing (HPC) expert ?
Wilfried Kirschenmann
High Performance Computing (HPC)

Stronger together.
Our squad is solid. With over 20 engineers (11 PhDs) we’re one of the biggest and most qualified community of HPC experts in Europe. And we’re growing…every day.

Well Connected.
Our partnerships with the HPC ecosystem put us at the forefront of the industry. And since we have access to next generation system (GPUs, new processor architectures, new middleware), we’re able to recommend the best possible solution for you.

The future is next generation.
We know the future of High Performance Computing (HPC) lies with the next generation. That’s why we’ve built strong ties with leading Engineering Schools & Universities that give us privileged access to research materials and new ideas. We also focus on recruiting young talent to nurture our consulting teams for the future. Those young ones keep us a step ahead!

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